• Exhibition systems

  • Messesbausysteme
  • The ideal Tradeshow exhibit, transforms the image with innovation and impulse. It is simple and cost efficient to install. With fascinating designs it catches the interest of the audience and invites attendees into the exhibit. Be inspired…and more
  • Digital Print

  • Ausdruck
  • Digital printing is the perfect choice for one thousand and one presentation ideas. Using State of the Art processing and vibrant graphic reproduction, we strive to satisfy the most demanding requirements…and more
  • Presentation Systems

  • Stoffwand
  • Aesthetics and Functionality must go hand in hand. Discover the wide selection of systems Trendstand offers to bring flexibility and efficiency to your exhibit…and more
  • New Products

  • Leuchtkasten
  • Tradeshows and Store interiors are places for interaction. Using the most innovative techniques in structure and movement, exciting new ideas can be realized. We have at your disposal the latest trends, best products…mehr